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What to be Read in Today The Hindu Newspaper 05 November -2018


What to be Read in today The Hindu Newspaper

05 November -2018


Just Read these News Only (Means No Need to Make Notes, Just Read it for Daily Updates, what going on around you)

 Front Page : Maneka Gandhi slams ‘ghastly murder’ of tigress

Front page :Sirisena reconvenes Parliament

PAGE-7  :Snowfall damages Kashmir’s apple crop

Page-7 : Alarms foil burglary bid at temple

Page-10 : J&K rural poll prospects look up

Page-10 : China has ignored Wuhan spirit: experts

Page-10 Sirisena reconvenes Parliament on Nov. 14

Page-11 Asia Bibi’s husband pleads for asylum

Page-13 Defaulters list: CIC issues notice to RBI chief


Topics for UPSC CSE Mains Exam Only  (Reading Newspaper along with making Short Notes)

Front PAGE-  :(GS-2) China backs Pakistan’s ‘quest for peace’ via talks

PAGE-6  : (GS-2) HC seeks U.P.’s response on CCTVs at police stations

PAGE-7  :(GS-2) Water ATMs may help in bridging safe water gap

Page-7    : (GS-2) Drug menace threatens Manipur: Biren Singh

Page-13 : (GS-3)Efforts on to harness AI to improve tea quality

Page-13 (GS-2 or GS-3 )‘India must grow trade with LatAm, Caribbean’

Page-13 (GS-3) RBI starts process to set up PCR

Page-13 (GS-3) Every year, we will deliver one submarine to the Navy’

Page-13  (GS-2)Post-policy health conditions must be covered

Page-14 (GS-3) Challenge to the Reserve Bank of India’s reserve(s)

Page-14 (GS-1)Bhungroo’ brings hope where dry spells prevail


Case study or Examples for Mains Exam (Content Enrichment)

Page-10 : U.P. to get ‘triple talaq pramukhs ( GS-1 or GS-2)

Page-11 Citizens call for tobacco control ( GS-2)

Page-12 Territory says ‘no’ to freedom from France (GS-1)

Page-13 Finland’s Zyfra to tap India ( GS-3)



Page-8 : make Notes –>The ghosts of laws past ( GS-2 or GS-3)

Page-9 : Reading only ( No need to make notes) –> A litmus test for Trump





  • Financial Action Task Force (FATF).
  • NSG

(Above 3 topics from Page-10 : China backs Pak.’s ‘quest for peace’)

2-H1N1 (Page-7 Topic- Two die of H1N1 in T.N., 1 succumbs to dengue)

3- H-1B and L-1 visas. (Page-11 Topic-Illinois State braces itself for all-India Congressional race)

4- N10 and spasmo proxyvon (Page-7 : Drug menace threatens Manipur: Biren Singh)

5- currency and gold revaluation reserve ( try to search with google too) (Page-14 Challenge to the Reserve Bank of India’s reserve(s)

6- Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s Diseases (Page-13 Post-policy health conditions must be covered)