The Hindu Notes for Mains Exam (03-Nov.2019)

UPSC CSE Mains Exam 2019 Only

The Hindu Analysis (03-Nov.2019)


Loans for MSMEs in 59 minutes

Note (in answer writing ,it’s a good example to quote these points if question will be asked from MSMEs )

Key Points to be noted down in notes

  • announced 12 measures to boost (MSME) sector including a portal àget loan in just 59 minutes + interest subvention of 2%.
  • GST-registered firms will get a 2% rebate on interest rates
  • public sector companies à compulsorily procure 25%, instead of 20%, of their total purchases from MSMEs.
  • 3% reserved for women entrepreneurs.
  • all companies with a turnover of more than ₹500 crore must now compulsorily be brought on the Trade Receivables e-Discounting System (TReDS).
  • all central public sector undertakings must now compulsorily be a part of GeM.
  • 20 tool hubs would be formed across the country, 


RBI defends stiffer bank capital norms

Note- (only 9% word quite important + unnecessary’ high capital requirements said about that…)  

Key Points to be noted down in notes

  • government wants the capital adequacy ratio of banks to be at 8% as per Basel norms, but RBI has prescribed 9%.
  • On complaints over ‘unnecessary’ high capital requirements,
  • prudential capital regulations aim to enable banks to sustain unexpected losses without defaulting on its obligations, especially deposits, by maintaining adequate levels of bank capital.



I.R. (Pak –China Relationship)

Note- (here are Some Updates .. you can quote these points in india- china-pak Relationship)

Key Points to be noted down in notes

  • Pak has  $8 billion — barely sufficient to finance about two months of imports.
  • Current account deficit in June was around $18 billion.
  • Saudi Arabia gave aid to Pakistan’s $6 billion package.
  • Despite Riyadh’s emergency support, Pakistan is likely to approach China for financial backing to minimise its requirement for a loan from the IMF.
  • that includes a loan of $1.5 billion and a grant of $1.5 billion, along with an additional package of $3 billion for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
  • China has billed the $62 billion project as the flagship undertaking of its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).


Examples or case Study (for GS-1.GS-2,GS-3,GS-4,ESSAY)

(Key Points to be noted down in your notes)

  • GS-2 ( Health) Doctor clicks selfie in OT, à govt hospital in Odisha’s Koraput district àprobe ordered
  • GS-3 ( Security Positive Point ( in Indian Context) Maulana Samiul Haq, also known as the ‘Godfather of Taliban’, was stabbed to death


Important Editorials

  • GS-2 ( I.R.)

Iran Oil  ( USA trying to counter IRAN  via Oil diplomacy and its impact on INDIA)

Key Points to be noted down in notes

  • nuclear deal, with Iran ( USA-IRAN deal) , to convince India to cut its oil imports from Iran.
  • India agreed to cut its imports by only about 15%
  • International Atomic Energy Agency’s did not found any negative scope In IRAN URANIUM programme
  • most recent Financial Action Task Force meet in Paris where the U.S. proposed sanctions on Iran for terror funding. 
  • iran is India’s third largest supplier in oil

impact on India

  • Rising Oil Price in indian market
  • India’s investment in Chabahar port, which would face both direct and indirect sanctions:
  • India’s regional security situation, which could see the Iranian-Arab divide deepen, Afghanistan’s choices dwindle and an angry Iran pitched closer into the China-Russia corner.
  • S. gives India a waiver for sanctions or not ( still in vague)

Iran’s options

  • Iranian regime may well lose interest in the Chabahar option, Will focus on port of Bandar Abbas instead,
  • derailing India’s grander plans for regional connectivity.
  • USA put pressure on Iran and possibly open talks with Tehran at a later date.
  • Just months after the U.S. demanded India close its mission in Pyongyang

Indian officials have made a beeline for Washington to discuss reasons why India deserves a waiver, from both Iran and CAATSA sanctions. 


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