The Hindu Notes

The Hindu Analysis: What to Read & What to Skip : 24th  November 2018


The Hindu Analysis

What to Read & What to Skip

24th  November 2018


Just Read These News , No need to Make Notes

Front Page-Topic-Attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi foiled ( GS-2)

Page-5 Topic-Why gallows? Explain it to convicts: SC (GS-2)

Page-5 Topic-Retaliation that turns fatal a crime’ ( GS-2 or GS-3)

Page-10 Topic-MPs challenge Rajapaksa in court ( GS-2)

Page-10 Topic-Skripal attack: U.K. releases new clips ( GS-2)

Page-10 Topic-May defends Brexit deal (GS-2)

Page-11 Topic-Oil dips 6% despite potential OPEC cut ( GS-3)

Page-11 Topic-SEBI acts on illiquid options trade manipulators (GS-3)

Page-11 Topic-New green norms to aid builders ( GS-2)


Reading these News and Make Notes  ( Within 30 to 70 Words)

Front Page-Topic-India protests denial of consular access to pilgrims ( GS-1 or GS-2)

Page-3 Topic-NGT directs Ministry,NHAI to widen flyover (GS-3)

Page-5 Topic-India to study marijuana-derived drugs (GS-3)

Page-5 Topic-Lunar lander faces crucial test (GS-3)

Page-5 Topic-Goa advices its farmers to chant hymns for high yield (GS-3)

Page-8 Topic-RTI request to see RTI Amendment Bill denied ( GS-2)

Page-8 Topic-Prasar Bharati to audit workforce ( GS-2)

Page-18 Topic-Humans not to blame for ancient mammal extinctions in Africa: study ( GS-3)


Case Study or Examples or Quotes for Mains Exam (Make Notes with in 20 to 30 Words)

Page-5 Topic-Delhi running out of burial space: report (GS-1)

Page-5 Topic-Statute in Braille to mark Constitution Day (GS-1 or GS-2)

Page-6 Topic-Rolling back ( Editorial) (GS-2)

Page-8 Topic- Muslim students object to ‘religious profiling ( GS-1 or GS-2 or GS-4)

Page-11 Topic-Samsung apologises for cancer cases ( GS-2 or GS-3)

Page-12 Topic-FinMin may stick to capital infusion plan for PSU banks (GS-3)

Page-12 topic-Broadband subscribers at 463.6 mn at Aug.end ( GS-3)


Editorials ( Note making less than 100 Words)

Page-6 : Topic- Not by ordinance ( GS-1 or GS-2) (Read ONly)

Page-6 –Topic-Corridor of hope (GS-1 or GS-2) ( Make Notes)

Page-6 : Topic- Looking beyond the optics (GS-2) ( Make Notes)



  1. NHAI
  2. RTI
  3. Prasar Bharati
  4. Lunar lander