Spectrum Book- A Brief History of India ( Rajiv Ahir IPS)- How to Read it Step by Step

Spectrum Book- A Brief History of India – How to Read it Step by Step

The book is published by Spectrum and is quite freely available both in stores and online. If you live in Delhi, then pretty much all the shops in the Rajendra Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar will be selling it.

Other academic book stores might be selling it, but since it is generally in high demand, you will be taking chances.

Our Prelims Analyze

For prelims, you can answer 90% of History questions if you Read and reread summery given in every chapter and Index’s given in the Book.

Note- Read it from cover to cover at least 5 to 8 time before prelims.

Our Mains Analyze

From 2018 Mains, we can answer all questions except one.

If you analyze the number of question being asked in Mains is 3 to 5 , For these 3 to 4 questions, you need not put your energy in reading History.

Our Suggestions

  • We just wanna acquaint you with the fact that you have to study like Competitor not like Scholar.
  • you can read it offline by purchasing in offer.
  • Try to follow Recall, Re-Think Process.

For More Info 

How to Read this bulky Spectrum Book ( Latest Edition 2018)  in a smart way, Step by Step ..try to watch our video- link Click Me

Best of Luck

(Team Desire IAS)

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