Public Administration answer writing Squad for UPSC Mains


All Questions framing from Below sub topics of UNIT-1

Introduction: Meaning, scope and significance of Public Administration;

Q-1 What do you understand about meaning of public administration in the context of modern age? comment (150 Words)

Q-2 Public Administration is concerned with action in particular concrete situation, but in accordance with long range objectivity.” comment (150 Words)

Q-3 There are always universal principles in public administration. Comment (150 words)

Q-4 With this change in the ends of modern state, the purposes of public Administration have also assumed a different dimension and orientation. Comment ( 150 words)

Q-5 Why is it that in Public Administration, officials remain incognito? Explain ( 150 Words)

Q-6 Why did the early writers call Public Administration as the “Science of public Administration”? Comment ( 150 words)

Q-7 In your own view, is public administration a science? Comment (150 words)

Q-8 Explain how Public Administration constitutes an art? Comment (150 words)

Q-9 From the time a child is born till his death, he remains under Public Administration: Discuss ( 250 words)

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