Our approach towards Political science and international relations (PSIR) answer writing practice Squad


Our approach towards Political science and international relations (PSIR) answer writing practice Squad

  1. We are going to divide answer writing practice in 4 sections as you already know –
  • Section -1 – political ideologies and thought
  • Section – 2 – Indian government and politics
  • Section – 3 – IR and associated theories and comparative politics
  • Section – 4 – India’s relations and global issues
  1. Each section will be divided in various parts. E.g. section 1 will be divided in 35 subtopics like political science – approach and meaning, theories of state etc , in every subtopic we will try to cover each and every dimension so questions number can go from 1 to n numbers also.
  2. Section wise you will receive around 300-400 questions e.g. in section 1 there will be questions on behavioral approach, post behavioral etc. so you can understand we will be touching all the dimensions. In nutshell if you follow our program either as a beginner either as a free test series or for the purpose of revision. You will be able to cover whole of the syllabus i.e. in total there will be 1200-1500 questions which will give your preparation a new direction.
  3. As you know PSIR is a very dynamic subject specially IGP and IR part so we will also try to update you with more number of questions.
  4. Our target is not to flood you with a lot of questions instead we want to give you the quality for which DESIRE IAS is known.
  5. We will begin with easy questions, here easy means flat questions. From last 2 yrs you must have noted that in section –A questions are directly asked like critically examine machiaveli ideas on politics and religion, decline of political theory. So according to the trend we should go for easy questions only but you also know upsc means unpredictable public service commission hence we will solve some tough questions as well. So I request all to keep patience slowly slowly we will increase the level of questions.
  6. Here we will not try to maintain the level of other coaching institutes instead we will try to cope up with the level of upsc as demanded.
  7. Before starting any of the section in advance we will be declaring the subtopics as we are declaring topics of section –A.
  8. We will also try to give a generalized review of the answers as well as review to those who are regular in writing answers.
  9. We assume that you already know some basics of writing an optional answer , it is totally different from general studies here you have to write an answer like expert you have to give experts views, you have to write answer in context , you cant put your own views and many more things.
  10. If you know its good but those who don’t know no issue you just start writing answers by analyzing the answers of other students and from time to time we will keep on guiding you(jiska koi nhi hota uska DESIRE IAS hota hai).
  11. Earlier we are starting for English medium only if we get the good response we will go for hindi medium as well. Here just not our role is important, you have to play the key role here means you have to keep on writing answers and share to others as well so that this initiative can be continued.
  12. We know it was too long but we wish you must have liked our approach so without any delay have a look on subtopics of section-A and with time you will also get the subtopics for other sections as well.
  13. We have not mentioned the names of thinkers and many theories but we have given a big approach under which all the thinkers and theories will be covered.

Note – from our side we will not leave even a single less important question.


  • Political theory – meaning and approaches
  • Globalization and state
  • Various theories of states
  • Marxist theories
  • Pluralistic theories
  • Rawls theory of justice and its criticism
  • Equality and freedom
  • Sate democracy and human rights
  • Political system
  • Political ideologies
  • Power , legitimacy and hegemony
  • Marxist , gramsi and Hannah arendt
  • Indian political thoughts
  • Western political thoughts


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