Notice about New TIME Table and Personal Guidance Programme


Notice about New TIME Table and Personal Guidance Programme

we are getting lots of request about start once again New time Table for 2019 prelims and Mains
as our free time table getting good response but now we are going to make PAID Time table+ give Personal guidance to Each Aspirants ( Via phone ) Only for those aspirants who did not crack prelims yet or

for those aspirants who really feel that they are late now or they are just a freshers but wants to give this year prelims at any cost

what we can assure to you in our STT Plan

u will be able to complete your Full syllabus along with 10 to 12 times revision ( we are giving surety) , we will Revise your each section before 1st june 2019) and our focus would be on your recall process

we will also do share some personal notes (which we did not share on anywhere yet like spectrum notes with in 50 pages and Much More notes which will be helpful for your prelims ( in handwritten form) + DESIRE IAS Monthly Current Affair Edge( covering everything which is important for prelims ( in Printed form) will have only 20 to 30 pages only +we will give u Monthly PIB CRUX in 10 to 12 pages Only ( in Printed Form) this would be Sure Shot Current affairs for UPSC prelims 2019 ( very concise in form )

about mains
+ on 3rd june 2019 we will make call to everyone with analyze ur prelims score and start working on your mains time table with top –Expected 500 Questions in printed form with mindmap) ( This 500 Questions can be revise within 8 to 10 hours ( No fake talks)

after made payment from your side .. within next 12 to 24 hours we will start our process and will call u one by one via phone to each aspirants (via phone call there would be no time limit)

we will understand it ur problem First and analyze all things from ur side after that we will make your timetable
here positive point is that we will do your evolution with your our feedback ( r u in right track or not)

Q- why PAID boss ? ( u told to us u r giving everything free)

our counter is .. This plan is not like giving coaching …its just an individual personal guidance plan

Course charges 7999 Rs
Intakes only 10 Aspirants (that’s why we keep high price only for serious aspirants , becz we need also result from your side)

Note- if u will not crack prelims we will Refund your money back after deducting 999 Rs only
refund amount would be 7000 Rs

Why this refund Amount -Becz u didnot crack prelims

Note- if u r going to give ur 100% with us , then join it otherwise stick with your own study targets and don’t join it

Our aim to keep u in safe zone means 125+ marks in Prelims.. so without having any tension ….u can focus on your mains exam

For mains exam we will start it on 3rd june 2019 ( we will cover all GS section along with 50 answer writing evolution and 5 Essay Evolution)

No PAYTM or No UPI will be accepted
Payment mode Only Bank transfer

Bank Name –Central Bank of India
Account holder name – Desire IAS
Account Number-3696074274
Status – Current Account
IFSC Code –CBIN0283688
Branch – Vikas Puri , New Delhi

After made payment u need to send a mail to us at

In that mail u need to send payment screenshot along with ur phone number and name and ur attempt
About ur coaching status ( hav u taken in the past or not)

Team Desire IAS