How to Read India after Independence by Bipin Chandra book for UPSC Step By Step


The India after Independence by Bipin Chandra is a good book to study for UPSC . Bipan Chandra’s book gives  a holistic perspective and would benefit you in forming the opinions.
But Our opinion is that it doesn’t give you complete information of Indian history after independence. We suggest you to read NCERT books for getting thorough information on Indian history and this reading helps you both in prelims as well as mains.

After reading New NCERT’s Politics Since Independence books also do read Bipin Chandra’s book.So that you can analyze and remember history in a much better way.

One cannot deny the fact that while writing history your personal bias does shape your content. You will find this aspect in Bipan Chandra book. Nevertheless, there are no better alternatives either.

However another famous book Ramchandra Guha’s book is excellent but it is more like a novel and therefore can be read for fun but it is not suitable for note making.Another good source is Pradhanmantri series on ABP News YouTube Channel

What to skip and what to read in India after Independence by Bipin Chandra try to watch our short video link Click Me

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