Roadmap – Lexicon short notes

Our short notes on Lexicon

We are launching our short notes on lexicon… Taking into consideration the working aspirants we are planning to complete lexicon in a span of three months with short notes every weekend…

These short notes are a supplement for revision purpose.. You have to read lexicon as per the schedule mentioned and then follow our short notes.This Series has been Finished from Our Side.  Total Pages 43 Only …thanks for Your Support 

Schedule is as follows

Chapter 1 Part 1: Click Me

Chapter 1 Part 2: Click Me

Chapter 2-            Click Me

Chapter 3-            Click Me

Chapter 4-            Click Me

Chapter 5-Part-1 Click Me

Chapter-5 Part-2 Click Me

Chapter 6 & 7  Click Me 


Chapter 8 case studies and Chapter 9  solved paper will be covered by Yourself



CASE STUDY Writing Practice 

Case Study Writing Practice -1 Click Me

Case Study Writing Practice -2 Click Me