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Roadmap – Lexicon short notes

Our short notes on Lexicon

We are launching our short notes on lexicon… Taking into consideration the working aspirants we are planning to complete lexicon in a span of three months with short notes every weekend…

These short notes are a supplement for revision purpose.. You have to read lexicon as per the schedule mentioned and then follow our short notes.

Schedule is as follows

Chapter 1 Part 1: Click Me

Chapter 1 Part 2: Click Me

Chapter 2-            Click Me

Chapter 3-            Click Me

Chapter 4-            Click Me

Chapter 5-Part-1 Click Me

Chapter-5 Part-2 Click Me

Chapter 6-  Par-1 Click Me   

Chapter 6-  Par-2 Upload soon

Chapter 7- 

Chapter 8 case studies and Chapter 9  solved paper will be covered by Yourself



CASE STUDY Writing Practice 

Case Study Writing Practice -1 Click Me

Case Study Writing Practice -2 Click Me