Download Basic Books (Must Read Books For Civil Service Prepration)

Hi Friends, we are sharing Basic standard books like NCERT, IGNOU,Tamil Nadu books etc… which is essential for creating basic foundation for civil service aspirants and helps in conceptual clarity of a subject.To think that these books are not required for the exam is a big mistake often committed by the aspirants. Think once….How can you  create superstructure  if your base is not strong enough?

Moreover, Sometimes UPSC asks direct question from these basic books. Our advice is… first read these basic books and then refer to standard books.

In a nutshell, a short message to Aspirants…

With short tricks may be you can win a BATTLE  like PRELIMS, but If you want to win a WAR like FINAL SELECTION and aspire to see your name to be written in golden letters, follow these resources for your preparation.

NEW NCERT BOOKS ( click the book you want to download)

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Class 6 :Our Earth our Habitat
Class 7 :Our Environment
Class 8 :Resources and Development
Class 9:Contemporary India Part-1
Class 10:Contemporary India Part-2
Class 11:Fundamental of Physical Geography
Class 11:India:Physical Environment
Class 12:Fundamentals of Human Geography
Class 12:Indian People and Economy



Class 6:Our Past-I
Class 7:Our Past-II
Class 8:Our Past Part-1
Class 8:Our Past Part-2
Class 9:India and Contemporary World-I
Class 10:India and Contemporary World-II
Class 11:Themes in World History
Class 12:Themes in Indian History Part-1
Class 12:Themes in Indian History Part-II
Class 12:Themes in Indian History Part-III



Class 9:Economics
Class 10:Understanding Economic Development
Class 11:Indian Economic Development
Class 12:Introductory Macroeconomics


Art and Culture BOOKS

Class 12 :Fine Arts



Class 6:Social and Political Life-I
Class 7:Social and Political Life-II
Class 8:Social and Political Life
Class 9:Democratic Politics
Class 10:Democratic Politics-II
Class 11:Indian Constitution at Work
Class 11:Political Theory
Class 12:Contemporary World Politics
Class 12:Politics in India Since Independence



Class 6:Science







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