Days 44: 27th January 2018 : Daily UPSC Aspirants Study Time Table 


 Days 44: 27th January 2018

Daily UPSC Aspirants Study Time Table 




DAY-44 : Target time table For Fresher’s

Shift -1( 2+0.30 hours only)


Lets start with some hot chapters only ( in Desire IAS style)

Let start with (HIT THE HARD Concept)

chapter  31+32



This is Our 3rd time revision going on


Let start with (HIT THE HARD Concept) Revision of Spectrum book in shift -1


Same revision


Revision one more time


(read our short notes times) now u MUST be recall all points in 2nd Revision ( if u cannot recall points. Boss u r on wrong track)


 Hindi medium too read your underline words . which u done ( 2 times and focus more on  recall process.. means close the book and revise in your mind.. wht u had read it





Shift-2 (2 hours )

Geograpy NCERT 10th  Class

Chapter -3+4 ( Read one time after that revise it)


Shift-3 ( 2+.15 hour ) (Eng+ Hindi medium)


August magazine

Polity + IR



read IAS P Magazine


Polity + Bills Topic 


lexicon start with chapter-6 can be finished within 3 days…. this is your 1st  day   

abhay kumar read chapter -8 and finished within 3 days today is ur 3rd   day


Shift 4 (2+.30 hour) (Eng.+ Hindi medium)

Geography 11 Fundamental geography

 chapter 3+4 ( read only time )


Q- where is class 10 geo (we will cover it later ..if u r going to analysis in depth u will find it why we have started class 11 geo direct ( Boss its DESIRE IAS Style)


Try to read it and underline important stuff .. and focus more on concept

Same for Hindi medium  



Shift-5 ( 1 hours)

Revision in one day

DESIRE IAS Prelims + Mains or ( any coaching PIB if u want ) PIB July  2018 prelims can be finish with in 4 days (only 30 pages approx.)

Today is ur 2nd    day



Day -44 : Daily Time Table for Experienced Aspirants


Take Test  of V IAS (Polity Section Only )

Take Test  of V IAS (Modern History Section)

And Plz put score in comment section





DAY 44 : Housewife’s, part timers-college aspirants (total hours 6 to 7 hours)


 Take 2 Test  of V IAS (Polity Section) and solve it 






DAY-44: Working aspirants Daily Targets (only 4.30 to 5 hours in day)


Shift -1 (2 hours)

Finally, we have finished laxmikanth


Lets start with laxmikanth revision

Chapter 7+8


 Shift -2 ( target Time 3 hours  )( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Ur optional subject


Shift -3 ( 2+1 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Spectrum chapter 6+7+8

Try to read our short notes . after that read original notes (revise it)

This chapter u need to finish Today  


Shift-4 (2 Hours ( current affairs)

Start with September


Vision IAS magazine

Read Economy  Section+ Sci and tech + Environment  

Finished it



IAS P September magazine

Finish this magazine


Shift -5 (2 Hours)


Class -11 Fundamental geography

Chapter -2+3

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