Daily Time Table Targets

DAY-9 : 23th December : Desire IAS Daily Target with Time Table  for UPSC Aspirants


 Desire IAS Daily Target  for UPSC Aspirants

DAY-9 : 23th December 



Note for all – Those who got more than 60% in Mini Test-1 .. boss your preparation in a good way but don’t feel over confident. Be stick with daily target .. on DAY-15 u will see a new change at yourself. That ur preparation on right track ( that’s the thing we want )


As per demand we are going to take Revision Mini Test -2 (syllabus same as polity chapter 1 to 12) once again

Those having low marks in mini test -1 .. try to give your 200% in Mini Test -2 ( with no Excuses)

And try to improve your score.. and try to put ur score in comment section.. don’t shy it .. and feel the pressure ..( Datte Rahna hai chahye kuch bhi ho jaye)


But Mini test -2  will have more tricky and fact based ..so try to do revision from chatper 1 to chatper 12..

don’t think like our course is slow . and whatever u  r thinking.. we have more than 140 days ..and its enough for us … we are going to complete more than 7 times revision from our side ( 7 times prelims sylla bus + 3 times mains syllabus ( till March 2019) .. ur side may be 10 to 12 times u r going to finish it.. and its enough for u  

test time morning ( choose any time) . ….we will upload test today ( 23 dec ) late night time around 12.30am  to 1am  at website and telegram ONLY


wait ..our passing score has been changed now..becz same syllabus we are giving


experienced -65%

fresher’s -60%

working aspirants -55 %

housewife or college or part timers job – 58%




Day -9: Target for Fresher’s

23th December 2018

Its Sunday boss 🙂



shift -1 (target time 2+ 1 hours)

( 2+1 hours meaning means .. read for 2 hours after that take 5 to 10 or 15 mints break then go with 1 hour reading or revision more )


Chapter-14. Centre-State Relations

Chapter-15. Inter-State Relations


Do  single reading first

Suppose if u read chapter 14 ..take 5 mints break ..

After that revise same chapter 14 first

Then go with chapter 15 and do single reading

After that revise chapter 15


Then after revise both chapter


Means ( 1+2 time revision )

 Note (ur primary focus must be on retain the points. not reading …so in final revision .. close the book and memorize all points which u have read in chapter 14+chatper-15 .. it means recall process)


+ revision chatper-16 ( very important chapter too)

 Same for Hindi medium too 

Finally we have finished section 2 with 2 times revision from our side ( your side may be 4 to 5 times..hehehehe ..( Aspirants Thinking like boss ne fasa rakha hai revise kara kara ke ) ..ok enough ..lets go wth shift 2


 Shift -2 ( target time 2 hours +30 mints)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Chapter-19 : Civil Disobedience Movement And Round Table Conferences ( only single reading..) + do revision from our short notes .. (one more revision)


we have given u short notes ,but make factual notes for prelims only ( like one-liner type) (your notes must be finish within 2 page)


for hindi medium.. spectrum notes in process.. we will try to give u soon.. ( so u can read original book i.e. spectrum by rajiv ahir Chapter-19 : Civil Disobedience Movement And Round Table Conferences 

 try to underline important points in the book.. 

after reading revise it one more time


Shift-3 Newspaper (90 mints –no need to read Sunday newspaper Q- Why ?.. becz govt department not working on Sunday .. )


no need to read Sunday newspaper –Take Rest … ( No revision..enjoy sunday)


Shift -4 –( 2 to 3 hours)

Take Rest ( No Revision.. enjoy Sunday)



Shift -5 (2+2 hours) (ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)


Complete your magazine with revision both V IAS or IAS P


Finally, we have complete oct month magazine with 2 times


 Note –on 24th dec we are going to cover Desire IAS October magazine





Day -9 task has been finished

give us ur feedback at justupscexam@gmail.com




Day -8 : Daily Time Table for Experienced Aspirants 


Shift -1 : (Time target  2 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

( your mains optional Subject) at least start with your revision once again ( start with Unit-1 to till last unit) .. this pattern will go with you till 31st Jan 2019 with 2 times revision atleast ).. so shift 1 has been booked from our side till 31st jan 2019)

Q- why shift -1 for Mains Optional Subject ?…Ans  becz optional play important role boss .. (those who finished revision in previous month try to do answer writing practice. try to enrich your points along with current affairs ) ( becz optional will give u super edge in mains exam)


Shift-2 (target time –> 2 +2 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)


polity laxmikant start with chapter- 

  1. Cabinet Committees + 22. Parliament

See with in 4 hours its easy to revise both chatper .. so plz don’t give us any excuses .. we knw each and everything

Finished it ..and if u hv extra time ..try to revise it one more time ( optional)


 Shift-3 Newspaper ( 80 mints Max)

Take rest  

Shift-4 Spectrum ( time 2+1 hours) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Modern History Desire IAS short Notes ( no need to read original spectrum book this time..we will cover it later)  start with 

CHAPTER-3 : Advent Of The Europeans In India



 Same for hindi medium too chapter-3 and chapter-4 ( read original book) ( Your time is 2+2.30 hours)

Try to revise it 2 times now  and focus more on retain.. if u cannot retain .. start telling all story in front of mirror which u have read in short notes.. ( keep revising)


 Shift -5 ( 2+hours )( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Finished V IAS magazine with revision  

Finished IAS P magazine with revision  

Finally we have done two times revision  of October month current affair


 Shift-6 Ethics ( 1 hours) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Take rest  



 DAY-7 : Housewife’s, part timers-college aspirants (total hours 6 hours)


Shift -1  (Target time 1.30+1 hours )( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)


Chapter-14 Centre-State Relations

Chapter-15 Inter-State Relations

Chapter-16 Emergency Provisions

Read first reading


After revise it all chapter

Final slot – revise chatper 16 once again ( means total – 3 reading)


 Shift -2 (Time 90 mints)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Take off  


Shift-3 (2+1 hours)  ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

 – Start with our short notes spectrum Chapter-19 : Civil Disobedience Movement And Round Table Conferences 

with our short notes of spectrum and read it 2 times after that read original spectrum and finished the chapter 


Shift -4  (2+hours) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

 Take off


Becz its Sunday ..


Day -9 task has been finished




Day-8 :Working aspirants Daily Targets(only 4.30 to 5 hours in day)


But today is Sunday .. this is the only day which every working aspirants wants

So .. we have to study for 11 to 13 hours  ( with no excuses .. .. stick with Sunday .. otherwise leave UPSC..and focus on some other exam..sorry for hard words.. becz we care for u )


Shift -1 Early morning ( target Time 2+1 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

 Polity laxmikant Chapter 3 to 12  ( chatper 6 not included)

Revise it .. your focus must on FR+DPSP


Shift -2 (Target Time 2+2 hours  ) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Start with your optional subject ..becz u need to complete this subject till 31st march 2019


Shift-3 (  2+2 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Start with spectrum Chapter- Chapter-16 : Non-Cooperation Movement And Khilafat Aandolan


Chapter-17 : Emergence Of Swarajists,Socialist Ideas, Revolutionary Activites And Other News Forces 

Read original book first after that read short notes .. try to finish this with 2 revision

Revision means .. u must recall all points which u have read it in the book



Shift -4 ( 2 hour)

Those following V IAS .. complete magazine .. finally we have done with  single reading only

Those following IAS P  complete magazine .. finally we have done with  single reading only 


Day -9 task has been finished