Daily Time Table Targets

Day-6 (20th December 2018) Desire IAS: Thursday TARGET for UPSC 2019 Aspirants


Day-6 (20th December 2018)

Desire IAS: Thursday TARGET 

Note -in upcoming post we r going to cover mains part along with Prelims test series.(25 to 35 Test)



Target for Fresher’s


In shift 1 (target time 1+1.15 hours) ( Eng+Hindi medium)

 start with laxmikant Chapter-8 Directive Principles of State Policy 

 Chapter-10 Amendment of the Constitution

Chapter-11 Basic Structure of the Constitution

Hot Topic & Take printout of – Table 11.1 Evolution of the Basic Structure of the Constitution

Finally we have finished PART I Constitutional Framework


Now Follow Desire IAS Style ( now revision 2nd time going to start—kindly note that)


polity laxmikant Chapter-1+2+8

Revision (ur focus must be on retain the points.. not reading )

Ur history aspects and DPSP must be on Finger ( sorry boss don’t give us excuses.. if u want to give us.. better leave this upsc preparation and focus on Group D..bevz here in Rajinder nagar , in every street u can seen IITians , IIMs , Aiims etc aspirants… ( so work hard.. and hit the hard..we hve test on 21st December .. and our passing score is 55%  ( becz 35 % pe IAS ki Cutoff nahi jaati)  for fresher 



 Shift -2 ( target time 2 hours +30 mints)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

start with spectrum modern history notes read our short notes Chapter-15 Emergence Of Gandhi

Chapter-16 on-Cooperation Movement And Khilafat Aandolan

  (read 2 times) after that read original spectrum Chapter-15 Emergence Of Gandhi don’t read chapter-16 from original book today (no need to make notes.. we have given u short notes ,but make factual notes for prelims only ( like one-liner type) (your notes must be finish within 2 page)

 for hindi medium.. spectrum notes in process.. we will try to give u soon.. ( so u can read original book i.e. spectrum by rajiv ahir Chapter-15 Emergence Of Gandhi try to underline important points in the book.. 


Shift-3 Newspaper ( 1.30 hours Max)

 ( refer our The hindu analysis ) and complete the newspaper within 90 mints with note making if possible for u ( ur focus must be on front page+ national news+ editorials + business news+ IR)

Shift -4 your mains optional subject -(target time 2 to 3 hours depend on your optional subject .. but try to finish your mains optional subject before 28th feb 2019 with at least one time revision ..this should be your target)


Shift -5 (2 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

start with ( V IAS) Current Affairs October month



 (Try to finish first reading+ we know it is having 14+ pages )

Side by side do underline important lines…



start with (IAS P) Current Affairs October month




Shift-6 ( 1 hour)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

English medium

Ethics – Chapter -2 AND CHAPTER-3 Lexicon read it first our short notes ..and revise it 2 times ( Analysis yourself.. what u have learned from it.. ask yourself. kya padha ..kya smjha)


(original book we will read it SOON)

Hindi medium –start with our ethics notes read it 25 pages.. read it and revise it one time more )

Day -5 task has been finished. 

 for your feedback -our mail id is justupscexam@gmail.com




Day -6 : Daily Time Table for Experienced Aspirants 


Shift -1 : (Time target  2 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

( your mains optional Subject) at least start with your revision once again ( start with Unit-1 to till last unit) .. this pattern will go with you till 31st Jan 2019 with 2 times revision atleast ).. so shift 1 has been booked from our side till 31st jan 2019)

Q- why shift -1 for Mains Optional Subject ?…Ans  becz optional play important role boss .. (those who finished revision in previous month try to do answer writing practice. try to enrich your points along with current affairs ) ( becz optional will give u super edge in mains exam)


Shift-2 (target time –> 2+1 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Do Revision

polity laxmikant Chapter-7 +8 +10+11   Revise it 2 times


Note-We have done section 1 with 2 times revision

 Be ready for tomrw test .. ( our passing score is 60% not 55% )

 Test Syllabus à polity Laxmikant chapter 1 to 12 ( Total Questions 20 to 25 Depend on our time..)


 Shift-3 Newspaper ( 80 mints Max)

 (refer our The hindu analysis) and complete the newspaper within 90 mints with note making if possible for u ( ur focus must be on front page+ national news+ editorials + business news+ IR)


Shift-4 Spectrum ( time 2 hours) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Modern History Desire IAS short Notes ( no need to read original spectrum book this time..we will cover it later)  start with 

Chapter-20 : Debates On The Future Strategy After Civil Disobedience Movement ( 3 Pages)

Chapter-21 :Congress Rule In Provinces

Chapter-22 :Nationalist Response In The Wake Of World War II   

Try to revise it 3 times and focus more on retain.. if u cannot retain .. start telling all story infornt of mirror which u have read in short notes.. ( keep revising)



Shift -4  ( 2 hours )( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

start with Current Affairs October month

complete all rest section and ur magazine has been finished

 we will try to give u short notes for prelims only

So your focus should be on prelims cum mains approach


Shift-5 Ethics ( 1 hours) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

English Medium

Read our ethics short notes first

Chapter-3 and 4..


Revise 2 times ( one time reading + 2 times revision)


Hindi medium

Start with desire ias ethics notes handwritten page 1 to page 20 only

 If possible try to revise one time ..and your focus must be on recall boss


Day -6 task has been finished.





Day-6 :Working aspirants Daily Targets(only 4.30 to 5 hours in day)


Shift -1 Early morning ( target Time 2 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

 start with laxmikanth and read Chapter-8+9+10..it can be finish within 2 hours ..small chapters


and plz focus on tables .. try to take printout


And revise in your office.. scan this pic and make PDF ..in lunch time u can also do revision ( it’s an optional task) 


Shift -2 (Target Time 60 mints) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

focus more on our The Hindu Daily analysis (what to read and what not to read ,,and try to make online notes( do copy and Paste) try to complete within one hours ( focus more on editorials + case study+ notes for mains )


Shift-3 ( 1 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Start with spectrum Chapter-14 : First World War And Nationalist Response

Read orginal book  .. 

Do single reading


Shift -4 ( 1 hour)

Those following V IAS .. read ENVIRONMENT all topic .. try to revise in office ( if u hv time

Those following IAS P  read ENVIRONMENT all topic.. try to revise in office ( if u hv time)


Day -6 task finished





DAY-6 : Housewife’s, part timers-college aspirants (total hours 6 hours)


Shift -1  (Target time 2 hours )( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

 start with polity M. Laxmikanth( 5th Edition) 

CHAPTER-10 Amendment of the Constitution

CHAPTER-11 Basic Structure of the Constitution

Hot Topic & Take printout of – Table 11.1 Evolution of the Basic Structure of the Constitution

So finally we have done section one only with one time revision


Lets go with 2nd time revision

Revision chapter chapter- 1 and chaper-8


 Shift -2 (Time 90 mints)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

focus more on our The Hindu Daily analysis ,,and try to make online notes( do copy and Paste if possible for u ) try to complete within 90 mints


Shift-3 (2 hours)  ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

 – Start with spectrum Chapter-16 : Non-Cooperation Movement And Khilafat Aandolan


with our short notes of spectrum and read it 2 times after that read original spectrum and read 


Shift -4  (2  hours) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

October month current affairs (V IAS)

Read environment + security ( revise one time more means reading one time+ revise one time)


For those reading( IAS P  monthly magazine)

Read environment + 14. INTERNAL SECURITY – all topics

Day -6 task has been finished