Daily Time Table Targets

DAY-24 : 7th  January 2019 : Daily target Study time table for UPSC aspirants


DAY-24 : 7th  January 2019 

Daily target Study time table for UPSC aspirants


Note- we have Mini Test-4 on this Thursday

Syllabus (modern History Chapter 10 to Chapter 25) 

DAY-24 : Target time table For Fresher’s


  Shift -1 (target time 2+.30 hours)

start with chapter name Central Information Commission+

State Information Commission+

Central Vigilance Commission+

Central Bureau of Investigation+

Lokpal and Lokayuktas


can be finish within 2 hours with one revision. try to focus more on composition section  boss its  ( small small chapter)


It’s a very important topic for UPSC prelims



Let start with ( HIT THE HARD Concept) Revision of Spectrum book  in shift -1


Chapter-20 : Debates On The Future Strategy After Civil Disobedience Movement  ( read our short notes 2 times ) now u MUST be recall all points in 2nd Revision ( if u cannot recall points..boss u r on wrong track )


 Hindi medium too read your underline words . which u done ( 2 times and focus more on  recall process.. means close the book and revise in your mind.. wht u had read in chapter-20  






Shift-2 Newspaper ( 1.30 hours Max)

( refer our The hindu analysis ) and complete the newspaper within 90 mints with note making if possible for u ( ur focus must be on front page+ national news+ editorials + business news+ IR)



Shift-3 ( 2 to 3 Hours )

Shift – your mains optional subject -(target time 2 to 3 hours depend on your optional subject .. but try to finish your mains optional subject before 28th feb 2019 with at least one time revision ..this should be your target.. however if u hv history or maths etc like subject.. try to complete it atleast 75% syllabus)



Shift-4 ( 2+.20 hours )



Start with modern history

 Chapter-26 : Constitutional,Administrative And Judicial Developments  (Spectrum Book – A Brief Modern History of India – Short Notes)  


 Read first our short notes 2 times and do single reading from original book ( Boss its important chapter  keep this point in your mind )

 After that read original book spectrum ( do single reading)


Hindi medium start with chapter 26 and try to do underline all important stuff.. (do single reading + do one more time revision)



Shift-5 ( 2 hour ) (Eng+ Hindi medium)


 ( TOPIC Disaster management)

This chapter can be finish with in 4 days and try to do revision one more time  try to make CRUX of this chapter + Revision of this chapter (today is your first day)



Now start with Chapter Name Ethics and Human Interface Topic

And try to finish within 3 days with revision ( and plz refer our short notes if u want to add some points u can add it in our short notes so that it can be save ur time + one more time revision ( so today is your 3rd day )




for hindi medium 

start with desire ias ethics short notes

read page 131 to page 155 .. one times and get the idea 



Shift 6 ( 1.15 hour) ( Eng+ Hindi medium)

Geography 9 class New NCERT Glossary + revision from chapter 1 to 6  


Try to read it and underline important stuff .. and focus more on concept

Same for hindi medium  


So finally we have completed 9th Class NCERT 3 times


 Shift-7 ( 1 hours)

Start with V IAS Current Affairs  October

Start with Polity and read polity all topic ( do Single reading )



Start with IAS P current affairs October

Start with Polity and read polity all topic ( Do single reading)





Day -24 : Daily Time Table for Experienced Aspirants 


Shift -1 : (Time target  2 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

( your mains optional Subject) at least start with your revision once again ( start with Unit-1 to till last unit) .. this pattern will go with you till 31st Jan 2019 with 2 times revision atleast ).. so shift 1 has been booked from our side till 31st jan 2019)

Q- why shift -1 for Mains Optional Subject ?…Ans  becz optional play important role boss .. (those who finished revision in previous month try to do answer writing practice. try to enrich your points along with current affairs ) ( becz optional will give u super edge in mains exam)




Shift -2 : (Time target  1+.30+1  hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)


Revision of Laxmikanth

Chapter- 9+10+11+14+15

See our 3rd revision going on so u need to recall all key words try to follow our CRUX notes too if u want


  Shift-3 Newspaper ( 80 mints Max)

 (refer our The hindu analysis) and complete the newspaper within 90 mints with note making if possible for u ( ur focus must be on front page+ national news+ editorials + business news+ IR)




Shift-4 Spectrum ( time 2 hours) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Revision of Chapter 10+11+12

This is our 3rd reading revision is going on so on this stage try to recall all points in mind ( if u do want to recall this process better quit upsc… u need to follow strict discipline from your side with having no Excuses  



Shift-5 Ethics ( 1.30 hours) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)





Start with lexicon or abhay  kumar ethics book


Lexicon chapter- 3  try  to complete this chapter with in 3 days ( this is your first day )



Abhay kumar chapter-3 try to complete it within 2 days ( and revise chapter 1+2 from original book)



 Shift -6 ( 2 hours )

Start with current affairs august month


Read finished this book at any cost




Finished this book at any cost  



Shift-7 ( 1+.15  hour)

Start with Class Geo New NCERT Class 9

Revision chapter 1 to 6  

Finally we have done ncert 9th class Geo 3 times




DAY-24 : Housewife’s, part timers-college aspirants (total hours 6 to 7 hours)


 Shift -1 (target time 1+1 hours)

  1. Union Territories
  2. Scheduled and Tribal Areas
  3. Election Commission


So single reading and revise one more time ( very hot topic ) please do more focus on Scheduled and Tribal Areas  chapters




Shift -2 (Time 1.30 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

 (refer our The hindu analysis) and complete the newspaper within 90 mints with note making if possible for u ( ur focus must be on front page+ national news+ editorials + business news+ IR)




Shift-3 (2 hours )  ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Start with Chapter-6 : People’s Resistance Against British Before 1857 

  FROM original book

And try to finish this book  after that do revision from  our short notes one time

 Very factual chapter


hindi medium Same


 Shift -4 ( 1 hour) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Start with lexicon book chapter-2 Attitude

 (this chapter u need to finish within 3  days .. try to complete this chapter within 2 days and give one day for revision ..so today is ur 3rd day ..keep this point in your mint


Revision of our short notes of chapter along with Original book


Hindi medium

Reading our ethics notes in hindi medium

ethics lexicon book in hindi or abhay kumar


for lexicon in read chapter-2 for next 3 days  this is your first day


for abhay kumar read chapter -1 for next 2 days this is your first day



Shift-5 ( 1.30 hours)

Now we will read Current affairs of October month

Read security+ social topic


Do single reading and after that do one more time revision




Read prelims Bit


Read all topic and try to revise it



 Note- today we did not give u time for ur optional



Day-24: Working aspirants Daily Targets (only 4.30 to 5 hours in day)


Shift -1 Early morning ( target Time 1.15 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

  • Chapter – Union Territories
  • Chapter-41. Scheduled and Tribal Areas

See do single reading and if u found time while try to do revision


Shift -2 (Target Time 60 mints) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

focus more on our The Hindu Daily analysis (what to read and what not to read ,,and try to make online notes( do copy and Paste) try to complete within one hours ( focus more on editorials + case study+ notes for mains )


Shift-3 ( 45 mints )( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Your optional its ok if u have 45 mints at least we are covering something on daily


Shift -4 ( 1 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)



Chapter-22 Nationalist Response In The Wake Of World War II


Finished this chapter along with 2 times revision with our short notes Only and analysis all stuff

We will cover this chapter from original book tomrw itself


Shift-5 ( 30 mints  )

English or hindi medium Start with lexicon chapter -3 and try to complete this chapter with in 6 days today is ur 1st day

Hindi medium  abhay kumar finished chapter -2 try to compete this chapter with in 3 days and this is your first day


Shift-6 ( 30 mints  )

Start with September month current affairs


Read polity top 5 topics only and try to revise it



Read polity chapter and do single reading