Daily Time Table Targets

DAY-23 : 6th  January 2019 : Daily target Study time table for UPSC aspirants


DAY-23 : 6th  January 2019 

Daily target Study time table for UPSC aspirants


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And plz share your marks in comment section and share your views about our timetable .. any views ( if u found any change in your learning pattern)




DAY-23 : Target time table For Fresher’s


  Shift -1 (target time 2+.40 hours)

Chapter 52. NITI Aayog to 54. State Human Rights Commission can be finish with in 2 hours with one revision.. try to focus more on composition section  boss its  ( small small chapter)


It’s a very important topic for UPSC prelims



Let start with ( HIT THE HARD Concept) Revision of Spectrum book  in shift -1


Chapter-19 : Civil Disobedience Movement And Round Table Conferences ( read our short notes 2 times ) now u MUST be recall all points in 2nd Revision ( if u cannot recall points..boss u r on wrong track )


 Hindi medium too read your underline words . which u done  






 Shift-2 Newspaper ( 1.30 hours Max)

Do rest


Shift-3 ( 2 to 3 Hours )

Do rest


Shift-4 ( 2+.40 hours )


Do rest  



Shift-5 ( 2 hour ) (Eng+ Hindi medium)


International cooperation and development ( TOPIC Disaster management)

This chapter can be finish with in one day after do 2 times reading try to make CRUX of this chapter + Revision of this chapter ( we will give u 2 days for it. And today is your 2nd  day



Now start with Chapter name Ethics and Human Interface  Topic

And try to finish within 3 days with revision ( and plz refer our short notes if u want to add some points u can add it in our short notes so that it can be save ur time + one more time revision ( so today is your 2nd day )



for hindi medium 

start with desire ias ethics short notes

read page 100 to page 130 .. one times and get the idea 



Shift 6 ( 2+1 hour) ( Eng+ Hindi medium)

Geography 9 class New NCERT Chapter-5+6  


Try to read it and underline important stuff .. and focus more on concept

Same for hindi medium  


So finally we have completed 9th Class NCERT 2 times





Day -23 : Daily Time Table for Experienced Aspirants 


Shift -1 : (Time target  1+1+1 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)


Revision of Laxmikanth

Chapter 1 







Shift-2 Ethics ( 1.30+1 hours) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)


English Medium

Lexicon Start with ethics  7 Probity in Governance 



Q- Where is Chapter-5 ( We will cover it later)


This chapter u need to finish with in 3 days (today is Final  day becz we gave u extra time )





See first time we finished desire ias notes

Now this is second time we need to finish desire ias notes


Start with lexicon or abhey kumar book


Lexicon chapter- 2  try  to complete it today


Abhay kumar chapter-2 try to complete it today at any cost

And revise it



 Shift -3 ( 1+1+1+1 hours )

Start with current affairs august month


Read Science and tech + environment topic and do revision one more time




Prelims bit and try to complete the magazine today

We gave u three hours  

Now u will revise one more time.. becz it contains less topic boss


Shift-4 ( 1+1 hour)

Start with Class Geo New NCERT Class 9 Chapter-6


Read it 3 times ( Which u hv done underline or u already made short notes)

This time u need to focus on recall ..


And do revision ncert 9th class geo


Finally we have done ncert 9th class Geo two times


Rest today Sunday .. u got my point what we want to say u .. J








DAY-23 : Housewife’s, part timers-college aspirants (total hours 6 to 7 hours)


 Shift -1 (target time 1+1 hours)

  • Chapter  Special Provisions for Some States to 39. Municipalities

So single reading and revise one more time ( very hot topic ) please do more focus on this chapters




Shift-2 (2+1 hours )  ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Start with Chapter- Chapter-5 Expansion And Consolidation Of British Power In India 

  FROM original book

And try to finish this book  after that do revision from  our short notes one time



hindi medium Same



Shift-3 ( 1+1 hours)

Now we will read Current affairs of October month


Read IR section

 Rest economic section complete it + science and tech + environment


Do single reading and after that do one more time revision




Start with topic number -7 till read before prelims Bit


Read all topic and try to revise it





Day-23: Working aspirants Daily Targets (only 4.30 to 5 hours in day)


Shift -1 Early morning ( target Time 2+1 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

  • Chapter –High Court To chapter Special Provisions for Some States
  • Panchayati Raj chapter 
  • Municipalities chapter

See do single reading and if u found time while try to do revision



Shift -2 (Target Time 2+2 hours ) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Your optional  


Shift-3 ( 2+.30 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)



Chapter-20 :  Debates On The Future Strategy After Civil Disobedience Movement


Chapter-21 :Congress Rule In Provinces 

Finished this chapter along with 2 times revision with our short notes



Shift -4 (2  hour)


Finished magazine today



Finished magazine today  

Try to finish this topic with in 2 days ( this is your first day)


Shift-5 ( target time 2 Hours )

English or hindi medium Start with lexicon chapter -2 and try to complete today at any cost

Hindi medium  abhay kumar finished chapter -1