Tamil Nadu History Book

Chapter-4 :India on the Eve of British Conquest : Answer Writing Squad



India on the Eve of British Conquest

  1. What challenges did Mughals faced on the eve of British conquest? Comment ( 150 Words)

  2. Why Many Empire-shaking Battles at Panipat? Analyze ( 200 Words)

  3. Why Panipat was a favourite battle field? Discuss ( 150 Words)

  4. Discuss the major factors which contributed to the downfall of the Mughal Empire? (200 Words)

  5. Eighteenth century India failed to make progress economically, socially or culturally, at an adequate pace. Explain .( 200 Words)

  6. Describe the position of women in the society in the 18th century? Comment ( 200 Words)

  7. The advent of Europeans heightened the slavery and slave trade in India. Discuss ( 200 Words)