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7th December 2018 : The Hindu Analysis : What to Read & What to Skip


The Hindu Analysis

What to Read & What to Skip

7th December 2018

Just Read These News, No need to Make Notes

Front Page- CBI confronts Michel with documents (GS-2 ,GS-3)

Front Page : Why strip Verma of powers suddenly: SC ( GS-2)

Page-2 Topic- Naveen writes to all CMs on women’s Bill (GS-2,GS-1)

Page-7 Deaths in accidents due to potholes are unacceptable: SC (GS-2.GS-3)

Page-7 Topic- Child porn videos need to be removed (GS-1,GS-2)

Page-7 Topic- Will fill all CIC posts on Dec. 11, Centre tells SC (GS-2)

Page-10 Topic- Kerala to get ₹3,048 crore as flood relief (GS-1,GS-3)

Page-10 Topic- Curative plea wants SC to set aside order on Asthana (GS-2)

Page-11 Topic- ₹ 4,700 crore assets of Sterling Biotech attached ( GS-2)

Page-12 Topic- OPEC agrees to cut oil production ( GS-2,GS-1)

Page-18 Topic- A lot needs to be done to remove gender inequality (GS-1,GS-2)

Reading these News and Make Notes  ( Within 20 to 70 Words) for Each Topic

Front Page Topic : Cabinet clears policy to double agri exports ( GS-3)

Front Page+ Page 8 Topic- ‘Air pollution cause of 1 in 8 deaths (GS-3,GS-1,GS-2)

Page-13 Topic- CAD may fall to 2.2%, thanks to oil slide (GS-3)

Page-13 Topic- Political expediencies can’t dictate capital buffer for banks, says RBI ED ( GS-3)

Page-13 Topic- PMAY-U needs push to succeed’ (GS-3,GS-2)

Case Study or Examples or Quotes for Mains Exam (Make Notes with in 20 to 30 Words)

Front Page Topic : Tourists bring a wave of trash to beaches ( GS-1,GS-3)

Page-3 Topic- Karnataka must set aside ₹500 cr. for Bengaluru lakes (GS-2- GS-1,GS-4)

Page-5 Topic- Kia to drive out first car from A.P. plant in January (GS-1,GS-3)

Page-7 Topic- Manifesto of tribal rights issued (GS-1 or GS-2)

Page-11 Topic High security registration plates from April 2019 (GS-2)

Page-12 Topic- U.K. suspends fast-track visa scheme for wealthy investors (GS-4)

Page-13 Topic- Alstom to double metro rail volume at Sri City (GS-3,GS-1)

Page-18 Topic- China to build 20,000 forest villages (GS-1,GS-3)

Editorials (Notes making less than 100 Words)

Page-8 : Topic- Still on the last chance saloon (GS-1,GS-2,GS-3) (Important -Make Notes)

Page-8 : Topic Shielding witnesses (GS-2) (Read Only)

Page-8 Topic – Quick retreat (GS-2,GS-1)(Make Notes)

Page-9 : Topic- Is social media polarising society ( GS-2) ( Important -Make notes)

Page-9 Topic- Data  (Important –Make Notes)

Prelims News

Page-6 Topic : Digha to become tourist,industry hub: Mamata

Page-18 Topic- Virus used to speed up computers

Page-18 Topic- From dream to nightmare:‘Little Messi’ forced to flee

Some topic also found In Today Newspaper which is important for prelims

  • Topic- State Information Commissions (SICs ( Page-7)
  • Topic- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), + Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), + (COP24) + UNFCCC) + greenhouse gas (GHG (Page-8)
  • Topic- National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) ( Page-10)
  • Topic- Jalianwala Bagh . ( Page-11)
  • Topic- (OPEC) ( Page-12)
  • Topic- PMAY-U ( Page-13)