The Hindu Notes

24th December 2018 :The Hindu Analysis : What to Read & What to Skip ( Desire IAS)


The Hindu Analysis

What to Read & What to Skip

24th December 2018


Just Read These News, No need to any Make Notes

Front Page- 222 dead in Indonesia as volcano triggers tsunami (GS-2,GS-3)

Page-5 Topic- India to limit pilgrim flow to Kartarpur (GS-1)

Page-7 Topic- Magistrate can’t order FIR on private complaint: SC (GS-2)

Page-9 Topic- GST Council loses its aura of consensus (GS-3)

Page- 12 Topic- Preparing agenda for WTO: Prabhu (GS-3)

Page-12 Topic- RBI mulls coolingoff period for its retired top officials ( GS-3)


Reading these News along with making Notes : 20 to 70 Words for Each Topic

Page-7 Topic No rise in working women despite high literacy levels (GS-2,GS-3)

Page-7 Topic- Religious event for sex workers kicks up a row (GS-4)

Page-8 Topic- Centre targeting M.P. ryots: Cong(GS-3)

Page-12 Topic-Fire (IMAGE) ( GS-3)

Page-12 Topic-RBI shortlists Wipro,TCS, 4 others for PCR ( GS-3)

Page-14 Topic-GST (IMAGE)( GS-3)

Page-14 Topic-GST is gathering steam but glitches remain for SMEs ( GS-3)

Page-14 Topic-Coff_ee growers hit by sharp decline in prices (GS-3)


Case Study or Examples or Quotes for Mains Exam (Make Notes : 20 to 30 Words)

Page-6 Topic- ₹1,000 fine for ‘nailing’ trees (GS-3)


Editorials (Notes making less than 100 Words)

Page-8 : Topic- When Gandhi’s statue is removed in Ghana (GS-1,GS-4)( Make notes)

Page-8 Topic- What is altruistic surrogacy? (GS-3)( Make Notes)

Page-8 Topic- Capital idea? ( GS-3) (Make Notes)

Page-9 Topic- Water woes ( GS-1,GS-2) (Make Notes)


Some Numbers or Facts for Mains Exam( If Its Possible for You, Can be Quoted in Any Sections of GS Mains Or Your Optional Subject)

CASE STUDY -Page-4 Topic : Financial freedom helps women in Pune villages turn entrepreneurs



China mulling new investment law

Modi announces new award for national unity ( Page-11)



  1. Ghana Border Mapping
  2. Ivory Coast Border Country Mapping (Thinking 360 Degree View)
  3. Burkina Faso Border Mapping (Thinking 360 Degree View)


Prelims News  

Topic- PM to open Buddhist site museum at Lalitgiri in Odisha ( Page-7)

Topic-When Indonesia’s angry ‘Child of Krakatoa’ rumbled( Page-11)

Some topic also found In Today Newspaper which is important for prelims

  • Topic- Darjeeling Himalayan Railways for, (page-6)
  • Topic- Nuclear-capable Agni-IV successfully tested (Page-7)
  • Topic- invitro fertilisation (Page-8)