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23 November 2018 :The HINDU Newspaper Daily Analysis: What to Read ?


23 November 2018

The HINDU Newspaper Daily Analysis

What to Read ?


These below news just read it .. don’t make any notes

Front Page-Topic- Not consulted on changes in RTI Act: CIC (GS-2)

Front Page- Topic SC drops contempt charge against Tiwari ( GS-2)

Page-6-Topic- NBW against 12 Hashimpura convicts (GS-1 or GS-2 )

Page-7 Topic- Death due to misplaced adventure (GS-2 or GS-1)

Page-10 Topic- Horse-trading was going on: Governor ( GS-2

Page-11 Topic- EU, U.K. reach draft deal on post-Brexit relationship ( GS-2)

Page-11 Topic -Probe backs use of anti-terror rule against migrants ( GS-1 or GS-2)

Page-13 Topic- SEBI simplifies regulations for reclassifying promoter as public investor ( GS-3)

Page-14 Topic -Oct. sees 13% rise in domestic air travel ( GS-3)

Page-15 Topic- Gowda blames BCCI and CoA (GS-3)

Reading news along with making Notes ( for Mains Exam) ( Make Notes under 30 to 70 Words)

Front page- Topic- India, Pak. commit to Kartarpur corridor (GS-1 OR GS-3)

Page-7 Topic- Release from dams didn’t lead to deluge ( GS-1 or GS-2 or GS-3)

Page-7 Topic- Do you view undertrial prisoners as humans?’ (GS-1 or GS-2)

Page-7 Topic -Shocked SC terms state of forensic labs as ‘utter chaos ( GS-2 or GS-3)

Page-10 Topic- Move to regulate allied healthcare professionals ( GS-2)

Page-12 Topic -Falling crude puts OMC pricing under scanner ( GS-3)

Page-12 Topic- Why the RBI board needs to be recast ( GS-3)

Case Study or Few Examples for Mains Exam ( Make Notes under 20 to 40 Words)

Front Page- Topic Where waste is given new life in the form of art (GS-1 or GS-3)

Page-3 Topic- NGT to inspect Panipat refinery (GS-1 or GS-3)

Editorials ( Make Notes under 40 to 100 Words)

Page-8 Topic- Aligning the triad (GS-3)( Make Notes)

Page-8 Topic Get the model right ( GS-2 or GS-3) (Make Notes)

Page-9 Topic- Data (GS-3)(Make Notes)


  1. Topic -All 10 Sikhs Guru (Yesterday We Have Already covered in Daily MCQ)
  2. Topic -INS Arihant
  3. Topic -RTI Act
  4. Topic -Kartarpur corridor