DAY-20 : 3rd  January 2019 : Daily target Study time table for UPSC aspira

DAY-20 : 3rd  January 2019 

Daily target Study time table for UPSC aspirants

DAY-20 : Target time table For Fresher’s


 Shift -1 (target time 2+1 hours)

Chapter- 38. Panchayati Raj

Chapter- 39. Municipalities

Chapter 40. Union Territories



Do single reading only ..+ one more time revision


It’s a very important topic for UPSC prelims



Let start with ( HIT THE HARD Concept) Revision of Spectrum book  in shift -1



Chapter-16 : Non-Cooperation Movement And Khilafat Aandolan


Same  ( read our short notes 2 times ) now u MUST be recall all points in 2nd revision ( if u cannot recall points



Same for Hindi medium too 


 Shift-2 Newspaper ( 1.30 hours Max)

( refer our The hindu analysis ) and complete the newspaper within 90 mints with note making if possible for u ( ur focus must be on front page+ national news+ editorials + business news+ IR)



Shift-3 ( 2 to 3 Hours )

Shift – your mains optional subject -(target time 2 to 3 hours depend on your optional subject .. but try to finish your mains optional subject before 28th feb 2019 with at least one time revision ..this should be your target.. however if u hv history or maths etc like subject.. try to complete it atleast 75% syllabus)



Shift-4 ( 2 hours )

Same becz its very factual topic .. so revise 2 times more


Start with modern history Chapter-6 : People’s Resistance Against British Before 1857 


 Read first our short notes 2 times and try to focus on recall




Boss very important chapter. upsc asked enough questions from this chapter ..



for Hindi Medium Chapter-6 : People’s Resistance Against British Before 1857  same ..for hindi medium read original book



Shift-5 ( 1 hour ) ( Eng+ Hindi medium)


Natural Hazards in India ( Disaster management Topic)

Try to complete this topic within 4 days .. ( today is the 4th day) ( for download kindly check our telegram.. we have shared the files . try to get it latest 2018 notes)

and plz make short notes of ur revision purpose .. becz if u r going to underline all stuff.. its difficult to revise it in mains exam

So better make very concise notes.. ur focus must be on problem .+ impact + suggestions



Shift -6  ( 1 hour ) ( Eng+ Hindi medium)

read our ethics short notes chapter-4 two times.. and try to get the idea of the chapter. only ..dont focus on recall ..just try to understand the topic


for hindi medium 

start with desire ias ethics short notes

read page 46 to page 60 .. 2 times and get the idea 


Shift 7 ( 1 hour) ( Eng+ Hindi medium)

Geography 9 class New NCERT Chapter-2 + revision of chapter -1

Try to read it and underline important stuff .. and focus more on concept

Same for hindi medium  


Note- we will cover current affairs soon+ yojana +pib soon




Day -20 : Daily Time Table for Experienced Aspirants 


Shift -1 : (Time target  2 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

( your mains optional Subject) at least start with your revision once again ( start with Unit-1 to till last unit) .. this pattern will go with you till 31st Jan 2019 with 2 times revision atleast ).. so shift 1 has been booked from our side till 31st jan 2019)

Q- why shift -1 for Mains Optional Subject ?…Ans  becz optional play important role boss .. (those who finished revision in previous month try to do answer writing practice. try to enrich your points along with current affairs ) ( becz optional will give u super edge in mains exam)


Shift-2 (target time –> 2 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)


polity laxmikant start with Below Chapters 


Chapter 62. Public Services to 68. Elections


See focus more on composition  

Read it and after that revise one more time


All are important chatpers for prelims point of view



 Shift-3 Newspaper ( 80 mints Max)

 (refer our The hindu analysis) and complete the newspaper within 90 mints with note making if possible for u ( ur focus must be on front page+ national news+ editorials + business news+ IR)



 Shift-4 Spectrum ( time 2 hours) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Modern History Desire IAS short Notes ( no need to read original spectrum book this time..we will cover it later)  start with 

Chapter-36 : The Evolution Of Nationalist Foreign Policy


Chapter-37 : First General Elections


 to revise at least 3 times .. via short notes




Now on this stage u must recall all points




For hindi medium



Try to complete this chapter within 2 hours . and try to focus on recall process  


This type of pattern u need to follow



Shift-5 Ethics ( 2 hours) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)


English Medium

Lexicon Start with ethics  Chapter-6  Pubiic/Civil service values and Ethics

in Public Administration


Q- Where is Chapter-5 ( We will cover it later)


This chapter u need to finish with in 3 days (today is your second  day )

After that think it .. what u have learnt in these pages .. after that read our short notes of chapter chapter-4



Hindi medium

Note- tomrw  we are going to cover abhay kumar book or lexicon book in hindi .. try to arrange it your self

See first time we finished desire ias notes

Now this is second time we need to finish desire ias notes

Read page -136 to 155 .. just revise it .. don’t focus on recall  process yet. We will tell u later why we r not forcing on recall process yet


 Shift -6 ( 1 hours )

Start with current affairs august month


Revision of POLITY

Read only polity section and side by side do underline important terms


Revision of Topic-1 ( with all sub topic)

Read topic -1 ( with all sub topic)

Read only polity section and side by side do underline important terms


Shift-7 ( 1 hour)

Start with Class Geo New NCERT Class 9 Chapter-1 & 2 ( Revision)

Read it 2 times ( Which u hv done underline or u already made short notes)

This time u need to focus on recall .. ( dimmag me hone chahiye sabhi points ( all points should be run in your mind while close the book)


Finished day




DAY-20 : Housewife’s, part timers-college aspirants (total hours 6 to 7 hours)



Shift -1 (target time 1+1 hours)

  • Chapter-31. Chief Minister
  • Chatper 32. State Council of Ministers


  • And do revision of Governor


So single reading and revise one more time 



Shift -2 (Time 1.30 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

 (refer our The hindu analysis) and complete the newspaper within 90 mints with note making if possible for u ( ur focus must be on front page+ national news+ editorials + business news+ IR)



Shift-3 (2 hours )  ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Start with Chapter- CHAPTER-4 : Advent Of The Europeans In India



Read it our short notes first 3 times  we will cover original book tomrw


hindi medium Same


 Shift -4 (1.30 hours ) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

 Start with your optional subject and try to finish your optional before 31st march 2018



Shift -5 ( 1 hour) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

Start with lexicon book chapter-1

Ethics and Human Interface (this chapter u need to finish within 2 days ..and this is your 2nd  day )

Revision of our short notes of chapter along with Original book


Hindi medium

Reading our ethics notes in hindi medium

Page-106 to page -120


do 2 times revision


for hindi medium plz arrange ethics lexicon book in hindi or abhay kumar ( we will cover this book after 3 )


Shift-6 ( 1 hours)

Now we will read Current affairs of October month


Revision today

Read polity section only


Revision today

Read topic-1 (include all sub section)



Day-20: Working aspirants Daily Targets (only 4.30 to 5 hours in day)


Shift -1 Early morning ( target Time 1.30 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

  • Chapter  Governor

Chapter 31. Chief Minister



Do single reading .. along with serious reading  



Shift -2 (Target Time 60 mints) ( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)

focus more on our The Hindu Daily analysis (what to read and what not to read ,,and try to make online notes( do copy and Paste) try to complete within one hours ( focus more on editorials + case study+ notes for mains )


Shift-3 ( 1.30 hours)( ENG+HINDI MEDIUM)



Start with spectrum original book  Chapter-19 : Civil Disobedience Movement And Round Table Conferences and try to finish with in two days with single reading..( today ur 2nd  day)



Shift -4 ( 30 mints  hour)


For V IAS followers

 Start with social part  ( u need to complete this topic within 2 days and today is ur first day)


For IAS P followers

Revison of Economy part


  1. Finish rest ECONOMY part


Do single reading


Shift-5 ( target time 30 mints)

Quick revision of our ethics notes . chapter-4 ( two times )


For hindi medium

Desire ias short notes of ethics . which is made from different resources


Page 83 to page 100 only

Try to read it.. becz we wrote in very simple hindi medium



02nd January 2019 :The Hindu Analysis: What to Read & What to Skip( DESIRE IAS)

The Hindu Analysis

What to Read & What to Skip

02nd January 2019


Just Read These News, No need to Make Any Notes

Front Page-Topic- Modi rules out ordinance on Ram temple for now (GS-2)

Front Page- Topic- India, Pak. move towards release of civilian prisoners (GS-2)

Page-7 Topic- Global advertising meet in Kochi on February 20-22 (GS-2,GS-3)

Page-10 Topic- Contentious January awaits CJI Gogoi (GS-2)

Page-12 Topic- U.S., China vow to boost ‘cooperation ( GS-2)

Page-13 Topic Banks unfairly charged for soiled notes’ (GS-3)


Reading these News along with making Notes : 20 to 70 Words for Each Topic

Page-4 Topic- Parliamentary committee irked by States’ insensitivity to Western Ghats (GS-1,GS-3)

Page-7 Topic- Ganga water quality has improved, govt. tells RS (GS-2)

Page-13 Topic- Reserve Bank relaxes debt recast norms for MSMEs (GS-3)

Page-14 Topic- Small growers may get tea estates’ support (GS-3)


Case Study or Examples or Quotes for Mains Exam (Make Notes : 20 to 30 Words)

Page-7 Topic Controversial diktat for students in Gujarat (GS-1,GS-2,ESSAY,GS-4)


Editorials (Notes making less than 100 Words)

Page-8 : The bilateral transformation (GS-2)( Make notes)

Page-8 Topic- Signs of a turnaround ( GS-3) ( Make Notes)

Page-8 Topic- Strange bedfellows in West Asia ( GS-2) (Just Read it )

Page-9 Topic-Boost to plain Packaging ( GS-2) Make Notes


Some Numbers or Facts for Mains Exam( If Its Possible for You, Can be Quoted in Any Sections of GS Mains Or Your Optional Subject)

Nothing Found



Nothing Found


Prelims News  

Prelims News Topic – Cinereous vulture seen in Jharkhand (Page 7)

Some topic also found In Today Newspaper which is important for prelims

  • Topic-Front Page – What is ordinance
  • Topic- ecologically sensitive areas (Page-4)
  • Topic- Topic- biological oxygen demand” (BOD) ( Page-7)
  • Topic- All about IUCN +IUCN Red List (Page-7)
  • Topic- nternational Advertising Association (IAA))(Page-7)
  • Topic- National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) ( Page-7)
  • Topic- BIMSTEC ( Page-8)
  • Topic- gross nonperforming assets ( ( Page-8)
  • Topic- UIDAI (Page-11)
  • Topic- U.S., Israel officially quit UNESCO ( Page-12)
  • Topic- antidumping duty ( Page-14)
  • Topic- NASA spacecraft zips past Ultima Thule ( page-18)

Mapping for Prelims

Egypt Border countries +Saudi Arabia’s  Border countries + Israel Border countries ( Page-12)