Daily Time Table Targets

15th December 2018 Daily Time table Targets for Fresher’s,Experienced,working, college aspirants etc

Desire IAS Daily Time Table Target 15th December 2018 Time table Targets   See we are going to use  APNI( Own) English means hindi medium aspirants can also understand this daily time table Target  Our approach is very simple i.e. to make you busy with study till your prelims and mains exam  for prelims at […]

Tamil Nadu History Book

CHAPTER-22 : The Dawn of History in the Deep South Notes for UPSC CSE Exam( Desire IAS)

CHAPTER-22 The Dawn of History in the Deep South The Megalithic Background Up to the second century BC, the upland portions of the peninsula were inhabited by people who are called megalith builders. They are known not from their actual settlements which are rare, but from their funerary structures. The graves are called megaliths […]