The Hindu Notes

13th November 2018 The hindu Analysis (What to be Read or what to be Skip)


13th November 2018
The hindu Analysis

Just Read these News, no Need to make notes

Front Page- Topic-cRafale deal not done in a hurry: Centre
Front page- Topic- SC frowns on tardy CVC submission
Front page- Topic-SC raps Bihar police for not tracing Manju Verma
Page-7 Topic- Journalist deposes in support of Akbar
Page -10 Topic-Vote bank politics has failed
page-12 Topic-Iran is honouring the 2015 nuclear deal, says IAEA
page-13 Topic- IIP growth falters as infl_ation eases

Make notes for Mains Exam

Front page-No perfect solution for fake news’
Front page- Rafale deal not done in a hurry: Centre
Page-7 Deny MSP to stubble burners: NGT
Page-12 Top election official, parties challenge Sirisena’s move
page-13 RBI unlikely to open window for NBFCs
page-13 Back series GDP data to be released by end December, says NITI Aayog
page-13 TRAI to analyse implications of overthetop services’ growth
page-14 Abu Dhabi firm inks deal to store crude in India
page-18 Report sees climate risk from rise in Indian AC units

Page-8 Dangerous tactics ( Read Only)
Page-8 The usurpation of free speech ( Make Notes)
Page-9 A history we must confront ( Make Notes)

Case study or example for GS Mains 
Page-3 Topic- Ayodhya, Mathura may face liquor, meat ban

Prelims special
Page-2 No stones replaced at Konark Sun Temple: ASI
Page-5 Bengaluru welcomes winged visitors
Page-5 Cathedral to celebrate its 450th year
Page-7 Tamil Nadu braces
for Cyclone Gaja