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04th   January 2019 : The Hindu Analysis :What to Read & What to Skip


The Hindu Analysis

What to Read & What to Skip

04th   January 2019


Just Read These News, No need to Make Any Notes

Front Page-Topic- Street protests mark Kerala hartal (GS-2,GS-1)

Front Page- Topic- Trump’s remarks rejected by India (GS-2)

Front Page- Topic- Varsities in States must do research’ (GS-2)

Page-3 Topic- Vande Mataram to be a wider exercise (GS-2,GS-1,GS-4)

Page-5 Topic- SC shocked at chaining of inmates in U.P. mental asylum (GS-2)

Page-10 Topic- Judges under surveillance after Dec. order: lawyer ( GS-2,GS-4)

Page-11 Topic- Ecom rules don’t allow FDI in multibrand retail’ (GS-3)

Page-13 Topic- E-way bill system changes confusing, say transporters ( GS-3)


Reading these News along with making Notes : 20 to 70 Words for Each Topic

Front Page- Topic- China’s probe lands on far side of moon, sends images (GS-3)

Page-3 Topic- Kilns for baking clay griddles set for upgrade in Rajasthan (GS-1,GS-3)

Page-6 Topic- ‘Many Swachh Bharat toilets defunct, unusable: MPs’ panel (GS-2)

Page-7 Topic- Improved Light Combat Aircraft gets green light for production ( GS-3)

Page-7 topic- Child care homes don’t paint a rosy picture ( GS-2)

Page-7 Topic- RERAs will be toothless without judicial powers ( GS-2)

Page-11Topic- Judges’ retirement age won’t go up ( GS-2)

Page-13 Topic- ‘‘₹_70,000 cr. recovery likely by March from 12 big IBC cases ( GS-3)


Case Study or Examples or Quotes for Mains Exam (Make Notes : 20 to 30 Words)

Front Page Yogi’s fresh fiat to District Magistrates on stray cattle (GS-3)

Page-7 Topic- Maggi: SC revives suit against Nestle ( GS-2)


Editorials (Notes making less than 100 Words)

Page-8 : Hope with concerns in 2019 (GS-3) ( Make Notes)

Page-8 Topic Dark side of the moon ( GS-3) ( Make Notes)

Page-8 Topic- A case of unprincipled criminalisation ( GS-2.GS-1) (Just Read it )

Page-9 Topic- DATA Point ( GS-2,GS-1) Make Notes


Some Numbers or Facts for Mains Exam( If Its Possible for You, Can be Quoted in Any Sections of GS Mains Or Your Optional Subject)

Page- 13 Topic- Graft, securing funding main challenges for start-ups: study



Topic :Leh, Kargil districts to have solar power projects ( GS-3)

Topic :Chandrayaan-2 among 32 missions planned for 2019’ ( Page-11)( GS-3)


Prelims News  

Prelims News Topic – Go for Kadaknath chicken, scientist advises Team India (Page 7)

Some topic also found In Today Newspaper which is important for prelims

  • Topic- Kullu Nati’, ( Page-3)
  • Topic- Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD( Page-5)
  • Topic- Consumer Protection Act, 1986. ( Page-7)
  • Topic- National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) (Page-7)
  • Topic Article 21 of the Constitution. (Page-7)
  • Topic- Real Estate Regulatory Authorities (RERAs ( Page-7)

Mapping for Prelims

Krishna River ( After analyze place in News : Page-5)