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05th  January 2019 : The Hindu Analysis : What to Read & What to Skip


The Hindu Analysis

What to Read & What to Skip

05th  January 2019


Just Read These News, No need to Make Any Notes

Front Page-Topic- Appropriate Bench’ will hear Ayodhya appeals (GS-2)

Page-8 ‘Ministry opposed new Rafale deal( GS-2)

Page-8 Women MPs push for quota ( GS-1,GS-2)

Page-8 LS passes Bill to amend Aadhaar Act (GS-2)

Page-10 Topic- Democrats pass Bills to end impasse (GS-2)

Page-11 Topic- New norms: big ecom fi_rms may seek time(GS-3)


Reading these News along with making Notes : 20 to 70 Words for Each Topic

Page-4 Topic- Wi-Fi facility at 2,000 rail stations soon (GS-3)

Page-5 Topic- Open defecation continues unabated (GS-2)

Page-5 Topic- Precarious family milieu forces children to homes (GS-1,GS-2)

Page-8 Topic- ‘Data protection law fi_nalised (GS-2,3)

Page-7 Topic- Ecom clarifi_cation adds to confusion(GS-3)

Page-11 topic- SEBI tweaks norms for commodity exchanges ( GS-3)


Case Study or Examples or Quotes for Mains Exam (Make Notes : 20 to 30 Words)

Page-11 Topic- U.S. factory activity hits 2year low in Dec ( GS-3)


Editorials (Notes making less than 100 Words)

Page-6 : After the inevitable exit (GS-2)( Make Notes)

Page-6 Topic A global slowdown? ( GS-3,GS-2) ( Just Read it)

Page-6 Topic- Left out, abused ( GS-2) (Make Notes )


Some Numbers or Facts for Mains Exam( If Its Possible for You, Can be Quoted in Any Sections of GS Mains Or Your Optional Subject)

Page-11 Topic- Google sent $23 billion to tax haven



U.S., China to hold trade talks next week ( Page-10)


Prelims News  

Prelims News Topic – A.P. unveils second largest rock art trove (Front Page)

Prelims News Topic- Manipurtagged Falcon goes off radar in Africa (Page-5)

Prelims News Topic- Chinese lunar rover named as ‘Yutu 2’ (Page-10)

Prelims News Topic- China tests its ‘Mother of All Bombs’( Page-10)

Some topic also found In Today Newspaper which is important for prelims

Topic-PMI (purchasing managers’ index) ( Page-6)

  • Topic-Silicosis, an incurable disease ( Page-6)
  • Topic-BBIN (Page-6)
  • Topic- (Indian Ocean Rim Association) ( Page-6)
  • Topic- BIMSTEC (Page-6)
  • Topic Commodity derivatives (Page-11)

Mapping for Prelims

Kaveri River